Our Mission

The ‘Red Cypher’ Charity supports the comradeship, welfare provision, emotional support and community of all those Past and Present Members of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (3RHA) by providing financial assistance to relieve those who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and to enhance the quality of life of those with links to 3RHA. 

The unifying purpose of the charity is to promote the efficiency and comradeship of the extended 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery family. 

We work in partnership with the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund and SSAFA in delivering on our charitable purposes.

Our pledge

Red Cypher is dedicated in delivering charitable support and comradeship to both the serving members, its veterans and their dependents of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.

The Charity will support our Regimental family through thick and thin with our support starting at day one of your service and continuing through life, long after your service is completed.

Our Vision is to maintain an effective, modern organisation, designed to impact positively on all our members lives.

Our Values are integrity, respect, transparency and inclusion – creating a culture where everyone is welcome and able to celebrate service within our Regiment.

To find answers to commonly asked questions about Red Cypher please see our FAQ Page

Red Cypher Charity Funeral Escort
Red Cypher Charity Funeral Bearers
Red Cypher Charity Standard Bearers

 Our commitment is to both serving and former members of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (3RHA) and their dependants. Whilst the Past and Present Members (PPM) provide Standard and Pallbearers for all requested funerals of PPM members, Red Cypher provides the financial support to allow standard bearers to attend, and the coffin drapes used at the services.  The PPM family presence at these occasions has proven to be a welcome addition to services and allows comrades to share their experiences with the families and friends.

Red Cypher is a charity registered in England and Wales. Charity Number 1161345